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L’Orfeo interprets all the symphonies and symphonic fragments by Franz Schubert

Since 1996 L’Orfeo has recorded more than 40 CD productions. Many of these were award winning releases and were highly acclaimed by the press and our audiences. The recordings form a kaleidoscope of our musical journey – starting with the French, German and Austrian Baroque, along the Mannheim School to the Viennese Classics and reaching into the early Romantics.

A definite highlight during our 25th anniversary year in 2021 was the CD release of Franz Schubert’s collected symphonies and symphonic fragments.

II bet you’ve never heard the great and famous Schubert symphonies like this before […]
ORF Ö1, Hans Georg Nicklaus, 14 December 2021

277 minutes of intense, honest music.
Manuel Brug, 27 February 2022

‌Point(s) of view from the press
Accompany us to Schubert’s symphonic cosmos …

Schubert, the symphonic visionary
The complete recording was made during four concerts at the Schubertiade Hohenems and is the fulfilment of Michi Gaigg’s lifelong dream. Yet it isn’t only the sound and unique colours of this period ensemble that distinguishes the interpretation. To Michi Gaigg it also involves Schubert’s fine sense for language and syntax, a quality that applies not only to his Lieder but also to his symphonies in a very individual and personal way:

„Schubert’s symphonies are Songs without Words“, Michi Gaigg says. „Here we find Schubert’s very individual and personal musical language. He is a visionary when it comes to melodic richness, the enchanting sense for instrumentation and the revolutionary approach to harmony. On top of this we find folk-like qualities and the typical Viennese style that make it all very unique. Schubert’s music has always moved me deeply. With this complete recording a lifelong dream has been fulfilled.“

Listen here!

Symphony No. 2
No. 4 „The Tragic“
No. 7 „The Unfinished“
No. 8 „Great C major“

Wired up, equipped with face masks, tested and incredibly happy – this is how we spent our additional takes in April 2021 in Hohenems, complying to strict hygienic and security rules. It was bliss seeing everyone after such a long time and being able to play again.

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