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to the Website of L'Orfeo Barockorchester.

Please get in touch

Phone: +43 650 5057706

Mag. Iris Blumauer
Phone: +43 650 5057706
E-Mail: moc.o1614562380efrol1614562380@ecif1614562380fo1614562380

Creative programming:
Mag. Christian Moritz-Bauer
Phone: +43 7662 29242 or +43 699 10301310
E-Mail: moc.o1614562380efrol1614562380@reua1614562380b-zti1614562380rom1614562380

Press and Communications:
Mag. Iris Blumauer
Phone: +43 650 5057706
E-Mail: moc.o1614562380efrol1614562380@reua1614562380mulb1614562380

Admin and Projects management:
Daniela Henzinger, B.A.
E-Mail: moc.o1614562380efrol1614562380@regn1614562380izneh1614562380

Franziska Karner, M.A. M.A.
E-Mail: moc.o1614562380efrol1614562380@renr1614562380ak1614562380

Dr. Martin C. Turba | Vienna, Austria
E-Mail: moc.o1614562380efrol1614562380@abru1614562380t1614562380

Please get in touch
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