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L'École de Mannheim

20Februar11:00L'École de MannheimLinz - Brucknerhaus, Main Hall


Johann Stamitz: Sinfonia I [in D major] from: Sei Sinfonie a piu istrumenti intitolate La Melodia Germanica Op. XI (1758)
Antonio Rosetti: Concerto in G a Oboe principale (c. 1780)
Anton Fils: Symphonia II [in G minor] from: Six Simphonies à quatre parties obligées Œuvre IIme (1760)
Franz Xaver Richter: Sinfonia IV [in D minor] from: Sei Sinfonie a più strumenti opera IIIa (1760)
Carl Stamitz: Simphonie concertante [in E flat major] à plusieurs instruments et exécutée au Concert spirituel
for violin, oboe, viola and bassoon solo (1775)
Ignaz Holzbauer: Sinfonia I [in E flat major] from: Six Simphonies à huit parties obligées Œuvre IIIe (1769)

Carin van Heerden & Philipp Wagner, oboe
Julia Huber-Warzecha, violin
Lucas Schurig-Breuß, viola
Makiko Kurabayashi, bassoon
L’Orfeo Barockorchester
Michi Gaigg, conductor

What would they have been, the masters of the Mannheim School – first and foremost Johann Stamitz as its founder, his sons Carl and Anton, the Kapellmeister of Viennese origin, Ignaz Holzbauer, who was appointed to him in 1753, the supposed outsider and lateral thinker Franz Xaver Richter or their congenial, early deceased comrade-in-arms Anton Fils, without the European musical capital of the time, Paris, and its lively and broad-based publishing scene? It was precisely these minds and their innovative musical creations that decisively shaped concert life there from the late 1750s to the 1780s – an outstanding position that was only to be disputed by the works of a certain Joseph Haydn.


Sonntag, 20. Februar 2022 11:00

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