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Radio Ö1 available on air until 4 June 2023!

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Broadcast of our concert on 29 May 2023, Internationale Barocktage Stift Melk


Carin van Heerden recorder
L’Orfeo Barockorchester
Michi Gaigg conductor

Jean-Féry Rebel: Les Élémens, Simphonie nouvelle
Antonio Vivaldi: Concerto in D major für recorder, strings and b.c. „Il Gardellino“ RV 428, op. 10,3
Jean-Philippe Rameau: Suite from Zaïs, Ballet heroïque

We are not referring to Joseph Haydn when we mention the Creation. We are instead focusing on composers who, before Haydn, portrayed their fascination of this topic.  Jean-Féry Rebel composed the first Creation Story thereby using astonishingly modern sounding techniques when describing the initial chaos slowly transformed into order. In the process there is indeed a lot of storming, fizzing, sizzling, and twittering.!

Tune in!
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