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TWV 55:Es2 Bourrée

Decorated by Klassik Heute.

Reccomended by Pizzicato, Concerto, and Oberösterreichische Nachrichten.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
3 Overture Suites for Recorder (2 Oboes), Strings and B.c.

L’Orfeo Barockorchester
Carin van Heerden, recorder, 1st oboe and direction

Overture (Concert Overture) in E flat major for Flute pastorelle, Strings and B.c. TWV 55:Es2
Overture in F major for 2 Oboes, Strings and B.c. TWV 55:F14
Overture (Concert Overture) in A minor for Recorder, Strings and B.c. TWV 55:a2

(cpo 2008)

A light breeze
[…] Carin van Heerden glides with dance-like virtuosity through the technically highly demanding solos and presents, together with the orchestral musicians, a fresh and spellbounding performance. The listener is grasped by the pleasure and enthusiasm, reminiscences of a light breeze in Telemann’s Ebb’ und Flut.
OÖ Nachrichten, Klassik-Köpfhörer, Michael Wruss, 28. November 2008

A very energetic and rhythmically cleverly phrased interpretation of Telemann’s music, played with dedication and enthusiasm.
Pizzicato 01/2009

[…] This admirable reading of Telemann’s score is exhilirating in its stilistic knowledge and the obvious dedication to affects. And in spite of all its historical „correctness“ and the amazing eloquence in dealing with different instrumental colours it thankfully comes across as utterly undogmatic. […] When this is then combined with a superior recorder virtuoso of the likes of Carin van Heerden it is utter bliss[…] Hearing the lightness and litheness of her playing and that of her ensemble, presenting this mixture of French and Italian elements, the listener can’t but bow down in reverence.
Klassik Heute, Christof Jetzschke, 01/2009 – 10 out of 10 marks for Artistic quality, Sound quality and Overall impression

The listener who hears this production with the South African born Carin van Heerden as soloist on the recorder and oboe und director of the renowned L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra will agree: Yes, this is exactly how Telemann should sound. Here we have the perfect mix of drive in the passages strongly influenced by folk music and the necessary noblicity., Sven Kerkhoff, 01/2009



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