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No. 1 in C major from WoO 14

No. 3 in D major from WoO 14

No. 4 in B flat major from WoO 14

No. 7 in E flat major from WoO 14 (‘Prometheus’)

Recommended by Klassik Heute, DrehPunktKultur,, Falter and Oberösterreichische Nachrichten.

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Mödlingen Dances – Counry Dances – German Dances – Minuets

L’Orfeo Barockorchester
Michi Gaigg, direction

Mödlingen Dances WoO 17
12 Country Dances WoO 14
12 German Dances WoO 8
6 Minuets WoO 9

(cpo 2006)

Beethoven’s dances convey something very personal with it’s lilting character. No wonder we encounter some of these again in his “great” works! The L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra, on original instruments, and Michi Gaigg bring back the irresistable charm to these works. A true discovery!
cpo 05/2006

Inspired by Michi Gaigg the ensemble energetically presents these joyful bagatelles with humour and a fair portion of accents highlighting the small Beethoven obstinacies.
Klassik Heute 06/2006

Especially the “Mödlinger Tänze” are a perfect example of the development and status of dance music during this era. Here we find quick waltzes and, in comparison, “well-behaved” menuets, which Beethoven obviously didn’t regard as useless traditional material. Each dance has its own charm, its own drive. In Michi Gaigg’s unobtrusive and playful interpretation the movement seems to always come directly from the musical impulse itself.
DrehPunktKultur 07/2006

Michi Gaigg and her L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra’s interpretation of dances by the young Beethoven is cunning, cheeky, funny, alert and a trifle audacious. It queries the pomp of this genre of “light” music with kind irony in the same way the composer from Bonn must have done.
Falter 08/2006

Michi Gaigg leads her ensemble into relaxed, unstrained playing. The historical instruments guarantee impeccable transparency. The movement is brisk, not rushed. The tempi are carefully chosen. The continuity of phrases is maintained in spite of sforzati, the Haydn-like courtesy is conserved even though dissonances are enjoyed to the full. This is high art. Hilarious also some sturdy entries by the comical bassoon. 11/2006

[…] The alternative: 40 Dances by Beethoven with the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra. It’s conductor Michi Gaigg is committed to historical sound and it’s vitality. Convincing.
“Österreich”, Karl Löbl, 12/2006

Raving write-ups follow L’Orfeo’s concerts and CD recordings under the violinist and conductor Michi Gaigg. Her interpretation of Beethoven’s “Mödlinger Tänze” combines voluptious sound, brilliant playing and lilting movement, a perfect choice for Classical fans.
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten 12/2006



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