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Finale. Molto allegro from LMV VIII:6

Decorated by Klassik Heute.

Recommended by American Record Guide, and Concerto.

Leopold Mozart (1719-1787)

L’Orfeo Barockorchester
Michi Gaigg, direction

Sinfonia in G „Sinfonia da caccia“ LMV VII:G9
Sinfonia in G „Sinfonia Burlesca“ LMV VII:G2
Divertimento in D „Die Bauernhochzeit“ LMV VIII:6
Sinfonia in G „Neue Lambacher“ LMV VII:G16

(cpo 2003)

Those with prejudiced opinions about the ambitious, arrogant and patronising father of his son will soon change their minds once they hear this CD. The L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra presents the listener with an hour of the most pleasurable musical pastime, with fine phrasing and temperamented virtuosity, with an original sense of the comic and without shying away from the burlesque […].
Klassik Heute 02/2004 – with the highest rating of 10 marks in all categories: artistic quality, sound quality, general impression

One must credit Gaigg and the Orchestra with spectacular playing. The CPO recording is first class and the notes are excellent. The sound is superior.
American Record Guide 06/2004

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