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Plainte from: Suite No. 2 in A minor

Decorated by Diapason (5 de Diapason), Pizzicato (Supersonic Award) and Fono Forum (Five Stars).

Recommended by DrehPunktKultur, Concerto, Toccata, American Record Guide, La Scena musicale, Die Bühne, hr2 Kultur, FAZ, Kurier and Klassik Heute.

Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer (1656-1746)
Le Journal du Printemps op. 1 (Augsburg 1695)

Overture Suites

L’Orfeo Barockorchester
Michi Gaigg, direction

first recording

(cpo 2007)

[…] this ensemble is no one’s fool when it comes to their untiring dedication to the Baroque Suite […]
DrehPunktKultur, Reinhard Kriechbaum, 28 October 2009

[…] Here we have 26 period-instrument players, seven of them winds and one also adding discreet percussion (including even castanets). They are a crack band, both in refinement and in stylistic confidence. Given the repetitive suite format … this is an unfailing source of joy – an a very important contribution to the recorded repertoire.
American Record Guide 01-02/2008

[…] L’ensemble L’Orfeo ne traite pas à la légère une musique qui pourrait se contenter de codes et de modes de jeu. Sur le plan dynamique, la phalange menée par Michi Gaigg trouve d’ingénieuses solutions pour vivifier une inspiration parfois conventionnelle – ou du moins perçue comme telle dans cet exercice artificiel et “moderne” qui consiste à donner les huit suites à la queue-leu-leu. Une belle relecture du “style mêlé” cher à toute L’Europe baroque, pour une réjouissante réponse au “style convenu” qui menace quelques-uns de nos meilleurs orchestres.
Diapason, Philippe Ramin, 01/2008 – 5 de Diapason

L’Orfeo Barockorchester offre une sonorité chaude et ample et bénéficie d’une remarquable prise de son. La façon dont le trio des hautbois se mêle aux cordes sans s’y fondre totalement est particulièrement savoureuse. Une belle surprise, et une contribution importante à l’histoire de la musique orchestrale allemande.
La Scena musicale, Philippe Gervais, 12/2007

Sensitive […] Although these orchestral Suites are formally oriented to Lully their contents nevertheless surpass their model in relation to the treatment of thematic development and melodic concepts. Michi Gaigg proves to be a thoroughly convincing advocate of this music with her knowledgable and yet sensitive interpretation. She succeeds beautifully in showing the entertaining aspects of the dances but also the rich atmosphere in the Overtures and Passacailles.
Fono Forum, Matthias Hengelbrock, 11/2007 – Music *****

Michi Gaigg in the French manner […] Michi Gaigg, leading the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra as concert master (French.: Dessus), presents Suites in French style by J.C.F. Fischer, the director of music in Baden. The orchestra has been positioned in a historically informed manner. The splendid music, Le Journal du Printemps, was published in 1695, and is presented here in an exciting and vivid interpretation. A worthwhile discovery.
Die Bühne, Heinz Rögl, 10/2007

[…] An energetic and colourful performance by the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra directed by Michi Gaigg. A discovery.
Kurier, Judith Schmitzberger, 23 September 2007

[…] With precision and great esprit played by the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra directed by […] since many years now she and her ensemble have been among the leading specialists for Baroque music […] The beautiful new recording will definitely be welcomed not only by lovers of the High Baroque.
hr2 CD-Tipp, 09/2007

War and Love […] Spring should be back again! For all those who battle with the current season the “Le Journal du Printemps” is highly recommended. This “Spring diary” was published by Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, the “Hochfürstlicher marggräfl. Baadischer Capellmeister”(Chapel master to the Duke of Baden-Baden) in 1695 as his Opus 1.
The diary consists of eight orchestral Suites in French style, adapted to the needs of the orchestra employed in Baden-Baden. Another ingredient in this already “mixed pickle” is the Austrian accent in this recording of seven Suites by the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra directed by Michi Gaigg. The sound isn’t as harsh as with most of the more Northern ensembles: this ensemble treads lightly and with warmth. And of course this charming Spring invites the couples to dance the Gavotte and Bourrée, Courante and Sarabande, there is also a battle cry in the “Air des Combattans”. Sometimes love and war are too close for comfort.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Wolfgang Fuhrmann, 23 October 2007

Michi Gaigg and the L’Orfeo Baroque Orchestra dedicated themselves to Fischer zealously. The recording here presents high spirits and freshness. Especially the numerous beautiful woodwind solos are very impressive: the two flûtes douces in the Plainte of the second Suite or the solos by oboe and bassoon later on. Again cpo presents good sound quality. A highly recommendable disc for lovers of Baroque music.
Klassik Heute, Heinz Braun, 29 October 2007

Le ‘Orfeo Barockorchester’, sous l’impulsion de son premier violon Michi Gaigg, nous livre ici une interprétation haute en couleurs, pleine de verve et de vitalité. Côté technique, cette production ne laisse rien à désirer et comble le mélomane le plus exigeant.
Pizzicato, Pierre Schwickerath, 11/2007 – Supersonic Award



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