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Our opera highlight this summer was W. A. Mozart‘s Zaide at the donauFESTWOCHEN im Strudengau, conducted by Michi Gaigg. Director Manuela Kloibmüller chose a character (Barbara Novotny) to comment and add to the drama of the fascinating Singspiel fragment and turned the plot into a timeless and modern play (staging by Isabella Reder) about love and freedom. The catchy and visionary score surprised and delighted our audience and the press. We were so happy to interpret it with the wonderful opera ensemble Ekaterina Krasko, Jakob Maximilian Gerbeth, Virgil Hartinger, Philipp Kranjc and Stefan Zenkl.

Selected crits

In search of freedom.
A successful premiere of Mozart‘s Zaide at the Donaufestwochen

Liberty, equality, fraternity! With the motto of the French Revolution […] Mozart’s Zaide is presented as a plea for human rights. Two strong women are at work here (director Manuela Kloibmüller and conductor Michi Gaigg) […]. The excellent young opera ensemble is convincing from the start […]. When Early Music, performed here by the L’Orfeo Barockorchester, is presented with such perfection, vitality, and vigour it really is a treat. Long and thunderous applause by the audience.
OÖ Volksblatt, Barbara Duftschmid, 7 August 2023

[…] Michi Gaigg’s approach with the L’Orfeo Barockorchester enhanced the high quality of the work beautifully and contributed to the success of this moving performance […].
OÖ Nachrichten, Michael Wruss, 7 August 2023

[…] The old subject matter of the story received a new coating: with a wink of humour, strong voice power and stacks of emotion. The applause at the end proves that Mozart’s music gets under the skin right from the start.
Tips, Melanie Glinsner, 9 August 2023

[…] All in all, a vivacious, unconventional, and gripping story presented by a playful team. Met by a lot of enthusiasm.
NÖ Nachrichten, Leopold Kogler, 8 August 2023

Virgil Hartinger (Sultan Soliman), Jakob M. Gerbeth (Gomatz), Ekaterina Krasko (Zaide), Stefan Zenkl (Osmin), Philipp Kranjc (Allazim), Barbara Novotny (Narrator) (c) Reinhard Winkler 

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